Monday, February 15, 2016

Not Looking Good for the Redlegs

USA Today:

And that may be optimistic.  They lost 98 games last year with Chapman and Frazier on the team, and they are still talking about trading Jay Bruce and Brandon Phillips.  I did a little research, and the Reds would have to lose 102 games to set a record for the most losses in a season, topping the terrible 1982 season (take a look at that lineup).  But to have the worst winning percentage in a season, they'd have to lose 107 games, which would be worse than the 1934 Reds.  Even this miserable team should be able to do better than that.  I guess we'll find out.  Pitchers and catchers report Thursday.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

NASA Photo of the Day

For Valentine's Day:

A Heart Shaped Lenticular Cloud
Image Credit & Copyright: Michael Kunze
Explanation: Can a cloud love a mountain? Perhaps not, but on a Valentine's Day like today, one might be prone to seeing heart-shaped symbols where they don't actually exist. A fleeting pareidolia, the featured heart was really a lenticular cloud that appeared one morning last July above Mount Cook National Park in New Zealand. A companion video shows the lenticular cloud was mostly stationary in the sky but shifted and vibrated with surrounding winds. The cloud's red color was caused by the Sun rising off the frame to the right. Lenticular clouds are somewhat rare but can form in air that passes over a mountain. Then, vertical eddies may form where rising air cools past the dew point causing water carried by the air to condense into droplets. Unfortunately, this amazing sight made the fascinated videographer late for breakfast.

The Simpsons movie references

The Simpsons movie references from cgmzz on Vimeo.

The Simpsons have exposed me to a lot of literature and art that I would otherwise be unfamiliar with.