Saturday, April 23, 2016

Rain Break Links

We got the planting started last weekend, and I didn't bother posting for a while.  I've got a decent stash of links I've come across, so I'll throw some up here:

Steve Kerr has suffered more than you will ever know - ESPN

The Man Restaging an Evel Knievel Jump to Vindicate His Father - The Sporting Scene

The Secret History of Tiger Woods - ESPN

The History of the Amesbury Maples, America's Oldest Amateur Hockey Club - VICE Sports

Successful Land Sale: Blockbuster Sale in Sioux County, Iowa, Nets $17,100 an Acre - Successful Farming.  Not too surprising for the Iowa Dutch Reformed version of Ohio's German Catholic Mercer County. 

APNewsBreak: Thieves Targeting California Almonds and Walnuts - Associated Press

Taking Cues From Human Nutrition To Reduce Antibiotic Use In Livestock - The Salt

Can Ocean Spray CEO Randy Papadellis Save the Cranberry Business? - Boston Magazine

How Warren Buffett's Son Would Feed the World - The Atlantic and  Why Luck Matters More Than You Might Think - The Atlantic

Developers are Turning Rust Belt Hulks Into Luxury Hotels - Bloomberg.  Hmmm....

Great monarch butterfly migration mystery solved - BBC and Half Your Brain Stands Guard While Sleeping In A New Place - All Things Considered

The Dark Secret of the MIT Science Club for Children - Priceonomics

Earth is Tipping Because of Climate Change - Scientific American

Earth's Temperature Just Shattered the Thermometer - Bloomberg

Unnatural Selection - The New Yorker

China report sounds alarm on groundwater pollution - Associated Press

How Prescription Drugs Sparked America's Heroin Epidemic - Bloomberg

The Stone Mirror of War - The American Conservative

Friendly Fire in the American Patriot Death Cult - Gawker

Paul Ryan's House of woes - Politico.  Leading a cult full of idiots and simpletons.

Light-driven dinitrogen reduction: Scientists shed new light on global energy, food supply challenge -  I'll believe it when I see it fully-scaled.  Sounds even less likely than cellulosic ethanol.