Monday, January 9, 2017

River Keeper

NCAA Football Championship Links

Even though the college football season was over for Notre Dame back in September, the last game of the season is tonight.  Thankfully, Ohio State fans are being quiet, so I'll post a few interesting stories from the last week or so:

How Tom Izzo's wish to play at the Palestra created a magical day for Penn State - Washington Post.  I'd like to go to a Big Five game there someday.

College Football: Beer Sales Are Bigger in Texas - Wall Street Journal.  They need the Ohio State numbers in there.

How Do This Year's Blue Jackets Hold Up Against the 1992-93 Penguins? - Vice Sports

Farmers Get Creative in Reaping Profits - Wall Street Journal

Too Much of Weed That Feeds Forcing Wheat Farmers to Other Crops - Bloomberg

Squamscot Soda: Helping You Wash It All Down Since 1863 - The Salt

2016 Was Second Warmest Year on Record in U.S. - New York Times.  Stuff it, deniers.

Liquid Assets - ProPublica

Blood and Sugar - Texas Monthly

Becoming Michael Lewis - Washington Post

The Growing Rural-Urban Divide Around The World - The Atlantic

Why Rural America Voted for Trump - New York Times.  I'd go with that they are bad with facts and numbers, but here is another view.

The End of the Rural Hospital - Pacific Standard.  A situation which was worsened by Republican governors refusing to expand Medicaid may be made worse by the repeal of Obamacare.  

This map explains the weather we had in 2016 - Washington Post.  Not exactly, because it doesn't indicate that we had a crippling drought in late June, July and early August, but it is interesting nonetheless.