Saturday, January 14, 2017

Last Weekend of Obama Era Links

I'm going to miss the outgoing President, and am not looking forward to his successor, but here are some stories to hold your attention for a little while:

In a loaded weekend, St. Mary's-Gonzaga is a must-watch - ESPN.  The WCC is one of my favorites.

Creighton Is Good As Hell Again - Deadspin.  Another favorite.

From a basketball jones to hockey: Seth Jones is in a league of his own - The Undefeated

As Big Milk Moves In, Family-Owned U.S. Dairy Farms Rapidly Fold - The Salt

The Preposterous Success Story of America's Pillow King - Bloomberg

A Woman Was Killed by a Superbug Resistant to All 26 American Antibiotics - The Atlantic
Rewriting the Code of Life - The New Yorker

The Trouble with Quantum Mechanics - New York Review of Books 

A Man In Need - Cincinnati Magazine.

Murder in the Bayou - Pacific Standard

Can a spy agency fight urban blight in St. Louis? - Marketplace

U.S. Farmers Sow Smallest Winter-Wheat Acreage Since 1909 - Bloomberg. (graph from Allendale)

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