Tuesday, August 28, 2018

We're Going To Have A.......Winter

The main Farmer's Almanacs made the news in the last few days with their winter weather forecasts, and, like today's politics, they are on the far ends of the spectrum.  The Farmer's Almanac of Lewiston, Maine grabbed a bunch of headlines with their forecast of a very cold, snowy winter:

Meanwhile, my personal favorite, the Old Farmer's Almanac of Dublin, New Hampshire predicted a wet, warm winter:

If I had to make a wager on the weather (again), I would probably go with the warmer forecast.  With the climate starting to significantly warm, I think we will have a lot fewer cold winters.  However, when we do have one, like in 2014, it'll be a very cold one.  I'd keep my eye on the weather in California.  When they get dry winters, we typically get cold, snowy ones.