Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Monster the GOP Created

So nearly 40 years of lying and brainwashing their base has finally caught up with Republicans. Apparently, the saner office holders realize that their base is completely out of its collective mind, and they are retiring in droves to keep from being whipped in the primaries by the craziest loons on the ballot.  Aren't they just profiles in courage.  They and their donors whipped up the regular folks with bullshit about the tyrannical federal government and taxes as theft, and watched as the craziest idiots possible got elected to the local school board and city council.  Then those folks moved to the state legislature.  Then to Congress.  Now they control a large minority of the Senate, and the prototypical 71-year-old Fox News viewer is President of the United States.  The country club set that controlled the Republican Party for years has now realized they no longer can control the lunatic base they used since 1980 to get the votes to overturn regulations and give themselves tax cuts and screw the poor and minorities.  And things are going to get much worse.  40 years is a long time to lie to folks and promise them you are going to help them out, only to enrich yourselves and screw them, over and over and over.  The base wants revenge because even though they can't see Donald Trump is a lying, useless dumbass, they've come to figure out the establishment has been screwing them forever.  All I'm sure of is that I'm going to get very drunk on election night 2018 and that the nation I grew up in is never going to be the same.