Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ohio Primary Election 2014

I think the only real campaign of interest on the ballot in Ohio today is Speaker John Boehner's seat.  One surprising thing about this election is that NPR reports that Boehner has spent almost $12 million, compared with about nothing for each of his opponents.  This shouldn't really be much of an election, but will be most telling in how many people cast a vote for the nobodies running as Tea Party alternative candidates.  I see comments on Facebook, and in interviews in the Dayton Daily News of people mad about Boehner, you know, actually allowing the government to function by letting a majority of members of Congress pass legislation by ignoring the idiot caucus in his own party, which receives enormous support from grassroots loons.  I would anticipate that Boehner will win between 65-75% of the vote.  Anything less than that will be a short-term win for the Tea Party and a long-term loss for the GOP as a whole, because it will show that the base is really, really dumb and has no clue about how to compete nationally as a party.

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