Saturday, June 28, 2014

End of June Weekend Reads

 Some good reads for the middle of the year:

Why the Voting Rights Act Still Matters: The Case of Jasper, Texas - Norm Ornstein.  Includes a mention of Piqua's own William McCulloch.  I don't think he'd fit into today's Republican Party, but he'd definitely recognize today's Jasper, Texas.

The Ugly Cycle of Air Pollution and Climate Change - Pacific Standard

Top Green Beret Officer Forced To Resign Over Affair With WaPo Reporter - ABC News, via Longreads.  She lived at his combat post in Afghanistan for 9 months.

A Century Ago in Sarajevo: A Plot, A Farce and a Fateful Shot - Morning Edition.  See also, The War to End All Wars? Hardly.  But It Did Change Them Forever - New York Times

Where are the Hardest Places to Live in the U.S.? - New York Times.  Of course the Upper Midwest and the northern Plains are amongst the best places, while the South is generally worst.  It looks like Western Ohio gets hurt by being too close to Indiana.

Hero worship of the military is getting in the way of good policy - Washington Post

Wind Power Production Record Broken in Texas and Tiny Electric Grids Help States Weather Extreme Storms - Scientific American

The Near-Death of Grand Central Terminal - Harper's

Belgium: One Team, Divided Nation - AP

Why You Hate Work - New York Times

Against the Grains - Aeon

The Next Breadbasket - National Geographic.  African agriculture and the foreign land grab.

Look at All These Design Masterpieces, Created By Anonymous Geniuses - Wired (see video below)

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