Wednesday, July 30, 2014

End of July Mid-week Links

A few interesting stories:

Crime Fiction - The New Yorker. Did police coercion to finger the wrong man let a serial killer stay free?

Could Silicon Valley Become the Next Camden? - The Atlantic

Break up the states! The case for the United Statelets of America - Salon

The Gold Standard Was an Accident of History- Macro and Other Musings

The black hole of US  government contracting - Le Monde diplomatique

How bird flocks are like liquid helium - Science

Under Water: The EPA's Ongoing Struggle to Combat Pollution - Pacific Standard.  More on the farm lobby freaking out gullible farmers.

How Dodge Packed 707 Horsepower Into the Hellcat Without Destroying It - Wired.  Because 707 Hp makes sense in a street car.

The Original Tea Partiers: How GOP Insurgents Invented Progressivism - The Atlantic.  "Fighting Bob" LaFollette, the original all-or-nothing insurgent.  Not a Tea Party nutjob.

Where the biggest beer, wine and liquor drinkers live in the U.S. - Washington Post

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