Friday, July 25, 2014

Poor Blogger Performance

Things have been pretty slow here, and I've got a lot of excuses for that.  First, I spent the early part of the week making second-cutting hay, which was a fiasco, as usual.  I managed to break the hay rake, which left me double-windrowing what should have been single windrows.  That, combined with rain and overcast skies made the drying process less than ideal.  After I finally did bale the very marginal hay, I blew a tire on one of the wagons and had to park it in the neighbor's yard for a day while I got around to pulling a wheel off of an equipment trailer to be able to get the wagon to the farm and put it in the barn.  After getting all that finished up, I fought with my slowly dying computer, which, while seemingly slowly accessing the internet, used 40% of my monthly data plan in one day.  So I've been a little more reluctant to do much on that computer.

Besides all that stuff, the news hasn't been all that inspiring, either.  With Iraq and Afghanistan falling apart, in spite of or because the United States burned hundreds of billions of dollars and thousands of lives there, with all of the saber-rattling over the downing of the Malaysian Airlines plane over Ukraine (with liberals blaming the Ukrainians and conservatives blaming Russia, even though whoever did it [probably rebels with some Russian oversight] didn't mean to shoot down a civilian airliner, since there is no tactical upside and huge downside), with the Israelis insisting on killing large numbers of Gazans because some Israelis could die because of a random rocket actually doing some damage, with so many God-fearing Christians in middle America demonstrating their faith by "welcoming" refugee children from violence-scarred neighboring countries and with yet another botched execution in the news, I'm not really feeling like wading into that manure pit.

However, I am enjoying the unseasonably cool dog days we've been having.  I can live with that.

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