Saturday, September 27, 2014

Start of Fall Weekend Links

Some interesting stories to check out:

Did Clayton Kershaw Just Have The Best Summer In Baseball History? - The Atlantic

Life in the Fastest Lane - SBNation

Dewhurst Tells D.C. Crowd Prayer Rugs Found on Border - Texas Tribune.  What's wrong with the Republican party in one headline.

EPA unveils Great Lakes restoration plan - Columbus Dispatch

Ebb and Flow - Texas Monthly.  Life on the border.

The Secret Goldman Sachs Tapes - Michael Lewis, on the secretly recorded tapes from a Fed regulator at Goldman Sachs in 2012.  As you would expect, Goldman ran the show.  Some of the material will be aired on This American Life today.

Manischewitz: The Great Story of a Not-So-Great Wine - Modern Farmer

You Say You Want a Reformation - Josh Marshall.  On calls for an "Islamic Reformation."  Marshall reminds folks that European history after the Reformation was anything but peaceful.

G.O.P Error Reveals Donors and the Price of Access - New York Times

The Dismal Science: "Seven Bad Ideas" by Jeff Madrick - a book review by Paul Krugman.  See also: 7 Reasons the Economic Crisis is a Crisis for Economics - Pieria.

The Women of ENIAC - Fortune

Think you drink a lot?  This chart will tell you - Wonkblog

and a bonus photo from the home place this morning:

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