Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Last Calf on Earth

Today when I went over to feed, several of the calves were sprawled out on the ground out in the pasture, laying amongst their mothers and the rest of the herd.  Once the cows saw me, they started heading up to the barn.  I went in and threw them a few bales of hay, and when I came back out to check the water, I noticed that one calf must have remained asleep while the rest of the herd headed to the barn.  He was just then approaching the feedlot area from the pasture, and he was bellowing in that questioning, "where are you mom" kind of way.  Everyone else was up in the barn eating, and didn't bother to answer him, so when he saw me, he bolted toward the front pasture, and continued calling out for everyone else.  This went on for a few minutes as he kept going back and forth between the front lot and the main pasture.  I can only imagine him feeling like the rapture had hit while he was asleep, and he was left behind.  Finally, he wandered up to the barn and found everyone else, but the whole thing made me chuckle.

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