Saturday, October 18, 2014

Mid-October Weekend Links

Here are a few links to provide a little information and entertainment this weekend:

Inside AT&T Park's Gotham Club, a baseball VIP experience like no other - Yahoo.  Let me guess, popular with the techie assholes, the San Francisco version of Wall Street bros.

Steve Cunningham: Fighting for Her Life - Grantland

The Other Side of the River: A Football Coach in East St. Louis Tries to Bridge the Racial Divide - SBNation

The Evans Family is Living in This World - Cincinnati Magazine

The Secret Casualties of Iraq's Chemical Weapons - New York Times, and When Our Troops Are Abandoned and Neglected at Home: 6 Stories - Longreads.  A list of other stories highlighting how "Support our Troops" doesn't go much farther than bumper stickers and car magnets.

Wind Power Blows Away Coal and Gas in Nordic Countries - Scientific American

Radioactive coyotes and poisoned apples: The strange history of the Manhattan Project - Vox
Another great thing about the Trinity test that I absolutely love is that not too long afterward, Eastman-Kodak got a lot of complaints from customers that their film was fucked up. It was foggy. And they couldn't figure out what the problem was until eventually they realized that the cardboard packaging for the film, which was made out of these husks from corn that was grown in Indiana, was contaminated with nuclear fallout from the Trinity test a thousand miles away. Customers returning fogged up film caused Eastman Kodak to accidentally discover that the United States Army had detonated the world's first atomic bomb in the middle of the New Mexico desert. (more here)
The Berlin Wall's Great Human Experiment - Boston Globe

Lockheed Martin claims "technological breakthrough" in compact fusion - ars technica.  I'll believe it when I see it. See also, Scientists Are Bashing Lockheed Martin's Nuclear Fusion 'Breakthrough' - Business Insider

How to Water a Farm in Sandy Ground - Pacific Standard

Season for pie: Inside the outfit that's behind 85% of the canned pumpkin consumed in the United States - National Post.  I saw a version of this story in the Sunday paper, and was surprised all that comes from one plant.

A hard look at corn economics-and world hunger - Marketplace

Doctors Tell All-And It's Bad - The Atlantic

America's Favorite Sandwich Fillings - FiveThirtyEight

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