Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Warriors, Not War Criminal Cowards

Unlike the Bush administration, these guys wouldn't resort to torture, because they had actually fought wars and weren't chickenshit cowards. 

There is a special place in Hell for all the lying, torturing scumbags involved with the CIA "interrogation" operations.  They'll never see justice in a nation where one political party is pro-torture, and the other is too scared to rock the boat and prosecute the lowlifes who continue to pretend that they got anything useful from breaking out the Nazi playbook on their powerless captives.  What a difference a generation makes.


  1. If the subject wasn't so maddening, it would be comical to see how brutally clumsy the CIA is at publically defending themselves ("whether the info was useful or not is unknowable, but it saved thousands of lives!"). They make Bush look positively nuanced by comparison.

    This is what happens when a decades-old organization has to come out into a public forum for the first time, at least on someone else's terms.

  2. A decades-old organization who can hide behind "state secrets" no less.