Saturday, January 24, 2015

Late January Weekend Links

A few cool reads for a mild, mid-winter weekend:

The Carver Mobb - SB Nation

Blood, Sweat and Teeth: Wild Nights with an NHL Dentist - Bleacher Report

Imagining an America Without Sports - Pacific Standard.  It's easier to imagine America without air.

New Zealand Farmers Have a New Beef: Drought Threat - Wall Street Journal

Deere to lay off more than 1,000 workers in Iowa, Illinois - Omaha World-Herald.  Fallout from the end of the ag boom.

Why the Great American Oil Bust Will Be Long & Painful - Wolf Street.  Fallout from the end of the oil boom.  Also, see This Time It'll Be Different - Texas Monthly

With million dollar investment, Dakota City farm dives into aquaculture - Omaha World-Herald.  Raising barramundi.  For more about that fish, see this article.  And see, Investment Fund Pours Cash into Cleaner, Greener Fish Farming - The Salt

Reinventing the Potato - Modern Farmer.  That could be my last link from Modern Farmer.  See below.

Modern Farmer Owner Says It Will Live On, Despite Staff Exit - NPR

REVEALED: The 14 Ingredients in McDonalds FRIES - including a petrol-based chemical and form of silicon found in Silly Putty - Daily Mail.  I don't really care, I love those fries.

Happy Birthday, Beer Can! 80 Beers for 80 Years - Bloomberg

These Priests' Invention Could Help Us Drill Into Icy Alien Worlds Someday - Wired

Google's Atlas robot severs its power cord - BBC.  That thing looks bad ass.  If the Professor is reading, maybe he could ballpark the cost of that thing for us.

A fault in our design - Aeon.  Complexity and fragility.

Wolflandia: The Fight Over The Most Polarizing Animal in the West - Outdoors

The Rise and Fall of the U.S. Government - Washington Monthly

Watch the rapid decline of "white America" over three decades - Wonkblog.  Meh.  It shows the number of counties that are at least 98% white decreasing significantly.  But all of west central Ohio is 94% white or higher.  Much ado about nothing.

Caught between greed and religion: the battle for Kansas public education - The Guardian.  Plenty of British haughtiness, but a very good analysis of the motivation for charter schools and vouchers.  Looking at the straits parochial schools are in, I'm sure that state money looks really enticing.

The People Most at Risk of Losing Insurance in the Supreme Court's Health Ruling - The Upshot.  You can't make this shit up.

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