Saturday, January 10, 2015

NCAA Championship Pregame Weekend Links

My employer is allowing workers to come in late on Tuesday so they can watch Ohio State Monday night.  In the lead-up to the game, here are some stories to read:

How the Redskins Got Their Name - SB Nation.  A review of a children's book promoted by the Washington Redskins propaganda arm.

St. Louis Strikes Back: NFL Proposal for Riverfront Stadium Unveiled - nextSTL.  1. Don't call it Riverfront Stadium. 2. 'It is fucking stupid to spend $860-985 million on a football stadium. 

Marshawn Lynch's Unstoppable Drive - The New Yorker

Brazil Water Supply, Crops Still at Risk a Year after Epic Drought - Scientific American.  That would indicate how epic our bumper crop was, that markets still went in the toilet.

Indiana Senate weighs blocking local limits on factory farms - CNBC.  Big Ag versus home rule.  Money talks, local government walks.  Republicans are only in favor of local government when it allows them to screw poor people and minorities or benefit rich folks and businesses.

The Cheesemaking Monk of Manitoba - Modern Farmer.  As you know by now, I'm a sucker for agricultural stories featuring Catholic religious.

Against Hoppy Beer - Slate.  I'm not a fan.  I like my malty bocks, marzens, schwartzbiers, etc.

Hard Cider Is Having A Moment - Fivethirtyeight.  It sure has paid off for Boston Beer.  Check the stock price for the release date for Angry Orchard, April 2012, versus now ($107 vs. $284)

Antibiotics: US discovery labelled 'game-changer' for medicine - BBC.  How they grew the bacteria is pretty cool.  Also, see Teixobactin - The Big Picture

Diaper Material Brings Nanoscale Resolution to Ordinary Microscopes - Scientific American

Mainline Street - GQ.  How heroin took hold in Laramie, Wyoming.

Oil-Price Drop Takes Shine Off Steel Town - Wall Street Journal.  As if Lorain and Youngstown need another kick in the nuts.

Why the Republican Congress's First Act Was To Declare War on Math - New York Magazine. Because tax cuts. Also, see Kansas Is Totally Screwed - Mother Jones.  That's why Republicans hate math.

The Politics of Drinking Water - The Atlantic.  On the anniversary of the Freedom Industries fuckup in West Virginia.

 Aerial Photos Expose the American Prison System's Staggering Scale - Wired

Where America's Social Security benefits go, in four maps - Wonkblog.  Bible Belt or Disability Belt?

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