Saturday, February 21, 2015

First Weekend of Lent Links

Here are a few stories to read on a cold February weekend:

After the Fall - SBNation.  25 years after Tyson-Douglas.

Lightning Round: Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao...AT LAST!!! - Grantland

The Latest NFL Stadium Mess, Or Old Man Yells At Cloud - Vice Sports.  On San Diego.

KSU researchers develop heat-tolerant wheat - AP, via Big Picture Agriculture.

Deere Hurt Buy Weak Farm-Equipment Demand - Wall Street Journal.  Expect more of this.

Our Taste For Alcohol Goes Back Millions of Years - Scientific American

Seems Like Old Times For Bourbon and Distillers - New York Times

2015 Breakthrough Technologies - MIT Technology Review. Check out the supercharged photosynthesis one, breeding corn photosynthesis traits into rice.

Sex redifined - Nature

Rust Never Sleeps - The Atlantic

The Shape of Things to Come - The New Yorker.  A profile of Apple designer Jonathan Ive.

The Riddle of Tampa Bay - Chief Investment Officer.  On the two men who have managed Tampa's police and fire pensions for forty years.

Payday Lenders Escaped Regulation, but Now They Face the Church - Bloomberg.  It's amazing how many politicians enable stealing from the poor.  What the poor really need are churches giving out lower interest loans to undercut the payday lenders.

What ISIS Really Wants - The Atlantic.  But also see, One Thousand and One Mights - Jacob Bacharach.  The Atlantic piece had me wanting to wipe out ISIS in spite of my belief that the effort is pointless, and must be done by the Sunnis in Iraq and Syria.  It is most important as the thought-piece for the pro-war on ISIS crowd.

Jeb Bush's foreign policy team is eerily familiar, in one Venn diagram - Washington Post.  Wolfowitz? Seriously?  Well, you ought to know what comes with that last name.  See also, Jeb adds to the quotable Bush canon - Washington Post.  Oh, Geez.

Scott Walker Knows How To Pick a Fight - Slate.  Dude is an asshole.  But he forces obnoxious shit through.  And he knows how to say "Reagan."

Corn Remains King in USDA Irrigation Survey - National Geographic.  With a graphic twofer:

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