Tuesday, February 10, 2015

If I Die on Mars

If I Die on Mars from Guardian News & Media Ltd on Vimeo.
Three volunteers are on the shortlist to be among four people on the Mars One programme, the first manned space flight to Mars – a one-way trip that's effectively a suicide mission. A physics student in the UK, a young doctor from Mozambique and an Iraqi-American woman, all happy to sacrifice their futures for a place in history. Why do they want to leave Earth, and who are they leaving behind? As the list of potential Mars explorers is whittled down further on 16 February, meet those competing to be the first to land on the Red Planet.
No, thanks.


  1. Well, who knows? Any life there would be more intelligent than your garden variety Republican.

  2. Ouch. One thing I know: I wouldn't want to be trapped on Mars with a bunch of garden variety Republicans. It is bad enough here in Ohio where the atmosphere is oxygen-rich.