Wednesday, March 25, 2015

End of March Mid-Week Mini Links

 Tear Gas, Giant Vaginas and Tough Mudder - Vice Sports.  I'm sorry, I really don't care what the article is about, but the title makes me laugh.

Pennsylvanians No Longer Subject To (Quite As) Insane Draconian Alcohol Laws - Modern Farmer.  Fuck, there are so many bad liquor laws around this country.  If there ever should be federal law, it is here. Or in civil rights.

9 Billionaires Are About To Remake New York Public Schools-Here's Their Story - The Nation

Stephen King to Maine governor: "Man up and apologize" - Washington Post.  Lepage is a typical Republican asshole, and he was using King as an example of somebody who moved out-of-state to save on income taxes.  Except King still paid Maine state taxes.  Republicans are stupid fucking idiots.

Gulf Stream is slowing down faster than ever, scientists say - The Independent.  The funny thing is, if you search Gulf Stream, the first story is a bullshit article from Breitbart.  The thing is, if this story is even partially true, it is a very bad thing.

Agriculture: Increase water harvesting in Africa - Nature

The 2016 Republican presidential race. broken down into 5 'lanes' - Washington Post.  There should be an idiot category.  It would be the biggest.

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