Saturday, March 7, 2015

Spring Forward Weekend Links

"The Guv'mint" is shorting you an hour this weekend, but if you get a little free time, here are some things to read:

The Man in the Van - ESPN

One Nerd To Rule Them All (with a lot of Kate Upton) - Bloomberg

Ghosts of North Wilkesboro - SBNation

Fake Snow, Real Money: The High-Tech Fight to Save California Skiing - Bloomberg

Limits Sought on GMO Corn as Pest Resistance Grows - Wall Street Journal

Long-term nitrogen fertilizer use disrupts plant-microbe mutualisms - Science Daily (via Big Picture Agriculture).  In other words, legumes done react as well with rhizobia when artificial N is added to the system.

Marine Le Pen lays out radical vision to govern France - Financial Times.  The article is interesting based on how Europe is changing, but I highlighted it because of how huge the bull is in the image of her and him on the video at the French agricultural show.  Holy shit.

Big Corn Butters Up the 2016 Presidential Hopefuls - Bloomberg.  Also see, 5 top issues at Iowa Ag Summit - Des Moines Register

From Our Prison To Your Dinner Table - Pacific Standard

The Gospel of Bockfest - Cincinnati Magazine.  I love me some bock beer.

El Nino Has Arrived, and It Could Produce the Warmest Year on Record - Slate.  Usually, that leads to a bumper crop in the Midwest, so crop prices have the potential to crater.

How luck works - Aeon

A Map of the First Proposed U.S. Highway System - io9

Death on Sevenmile Road - Texas Observer

The MIT Science Club for Disabled Children - priceonomics

The Gangsters of Ferguson - Ta-Nehisi Coates and Ferguson's Conspiracy Against Black Citizens - Conor Friedersdorf.  Ferguson may be an extreme example, but it is far from the only place to abuse minorities like this.

Scott Walker loves Ronald Reagan more than seems humanly possible - Vox.  Not only is Scott Walker a jackass, but he's a weirdo, too.  "Happy anniversary, honey, have some jellybeans to celebrate Ronald Reagan's birthday."

The College Basketball Capital of the World - Wall Street Journal.  Louisville

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