Thursday, March 19, 2015

Texas Rangers Set Up All-Deep-Fried Food Booth

Sportress of Blogitude:
The Texas State Fair famously is known for its vendors’ penchant for dreaming up truly remarkable — and fattening — new forays into deep-frying. The Texas Rangers, inspired by the fried-in-fat prowess routinely on display at its home state’s annual fair, have come up with a way to pay homage to the legendary, artery-clogging showcase.
The team will open up a concession stand at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington that specifically and exclusively serves up deep-fried items made famous at the Texas State Fair. The new stand will be called “State Fare.” Get it?...
The stand will feature such iconic items such as brisket macaroni and cheese balls, chicken-fried corn on the cob with buttermilk batter, fried pickles and something called funnel cake fries, but the item that will get mouths a-watering and waistlines expanding and cholesterol counts increasing is the Fried S’mOreo.

Mercy. The Fried S’mOreo consists of marshmallows breaded in graham cracker crust then fried. That component, already a gutbomb of goodness, will be then joined by two deep-fried Oreos on a skewer. All of that is then topped with chocolate sauce and Cool Whip. The price? Eight bucks.
Mattox also revealed the Rangers will open up another stand surely to attract lines: Just Bacon.
As the name suggests, bacon-only items will be offered, including bacon cotton candy, candied bacon and … bacon beer.
The photo of the chicken-fried corn-on-the-cob alone is worth clicking through for.  Seriously, though, the State Fair and major league baseball games are two sides of the same coin.  It definitely makes sense to combine the culinary attractions of each.  I love me some deep-fried Oreos.  But $8?  Well, it is a ballgame.  Wash it down with an $8 beer.

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