Saturday, April 11, 2015

Tax Weekend Links

Hopefully you've already filed your taxes.  If not, get to work, and if so, here are some stories to enjoy this weekend:

When in Roma... - SBNation

Family Business - Grantland

Walk It Up - Cincinnati Magazine.  My favorite walk-up music of all-time: Jack Hannahan.

These Vintner Monks Turn Wilderness Into The Divine Gift Of Wine - The Salt

Why the Ethanol Mandate Is Terrible Policy - American Conservative

U.S. meat industry buying more human antibiotics: FDA - CNBC.  That is not a good headline.  Here is the FDA report.

Roundup and Risk Assessment - The New Yorker

California Drought-Fighters Turn to Australians for Help - Bloomberg

Incredible Images of Algal Blooms Taken From Space - Wired.  Lake Erie makes it (way to go farmers in the Maumee River watershed).

200 Years Ago This Week: Tambora's Eruption Causes a Planet-Wide Climate Emergency - Weather Underground

What everyone gets wrong about the history of cigarettes - Vox

The Unlikely Paths of Grant and Lee - Slate

Ohio Officials Propose Funding a Plant for Fiat Chrysler in Toledo - Wall Street Journal.  Corporate welfare at its most ridiculous.  I'm old enough to remember when the state gave GM a shit-ton of money to put in a paint line at the Moraine plant.  The same plant the state just gave massive tax breaks to a Chinese windshield glass company to move into.  I also remember when the state gave another shit-ton of money to Daimler Chrysler (at the time) to build the Jeep Liberty plant.  Shouldn't the state get some equity when they put up that kind of dough?  The payroll taxes are just dividends on the investment.  There should be some equity, too.  Warren Buffet would get a lot better deal for his investment than the state of Ohio will get.  That's bullshit.

Cops and Robbers - Texas Monthly

The Rookie and the Zetas - Dallas Observer

The Secret Sauce - Bloomberg.  On BDubs.  It answers the question I was wondering earlier in the week: what was the third W for in BW3.  Weck, as in Beef on Weck.  Wings and Weck, totally a Buffalo origin.

Why Pope Francis could be facing a Catholic schism - The Spectator

Blaming Iran for Shi'ite Unrest Throughout the Middle East - Counterpunch

Where the White People Live - The Atlantic

Lessons from a century of decline in the rail industry - Pieria


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