Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Bad Chauvinist Ideas - Alberta Election Edition

As 44 years of conservative "governance" comes to an end, a lesson about how not to win the female vote:
Any pretence that the election was about that budget was destroyed on April 21, when Prentice rolled back an unpopular plan to reduce a charitable tax credit. What he didn’t touch were those corporate tax rates, despite the fact that raising corporate taxes remains widely popular. This gave the NDP a real policy stick. The beatings commenced. Two days later, Prentice challenged Notley on those corporate taxes and, after misstating the party’s figures, told the personable, likeable female leader that “math is difficult.”
Like it is for most conservatives in North America, math is difficult for Mr. Prentice.  It just isn't good optics for him to be mansplaining that to a female politician.  


  1. Having lived in Alberta for 12 years (back in the day), I never would have thought it possible for the province to go NDP (a Canadian equivalent to Texas picking Hillary Clinton over George W. Bush). I'm still a little stunned.

    Now I feel like Ron Burgandy should be a politician in his next film, just so he can give the world his best mansplainin' stump speech (and it would still be better than anything heard out of a Republican convention).

  2. As you say, I think we'll get plenty of unintentional parodies of a Ron Burgandy stump speech in the next year and a half. Especially if Joe Biden throws his hair plugs in the ring.