Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Change in Voting - 2004 to 2012

patstuart2 via Vox:

In 2004, George W. Bush was reelected president with 51 percent of the vote. Eight years later, Barack Obama was reelected with 51 percent of the vote. But that national 2 percent swing toward the Democrats wasn't distributed evenly across the country. As Patstuart2's fascinating county-by-county swing map shows, there were huge regional variations.
He explains that darker blue means the county got more Democratic between 2004 and 2012, while darker red means it got more Republican. The lightest shade shows a 1 percent swing. A little darker means 5 percent. A little darker than that means 9 percent, and so on up to a 25 percent swing. In sum, it paints a fascinating picture of the changing face of American politics.
Who thinks race played a part in these results, on both sides? This guy [thumbs pointed at chest], for one.


  1. 2012 Presidential Voting Results....
    55% White went Republican
    43% White went Democrat
    18% Non-White went Republican
    80% Non-White went Democrat (95% of black voters)

    If white voters voted along racial lines like black voters I think the election results just might have put a different person in the White House back in 2012. As this administration and its racially divisive members (e.g. Obama, Eric Holder, etc.) have driven a bigger wedge between the races one has to wonder what the next Presidential election results will look like when exit polls are analyzed. Disappointing to say I think race may play a bigger role than it has in decades.

  2. Not all white people are dumb enough to vote for Mitt Romney, although it appears much of Appalachia was convinced to switch their votes.