Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mid-May Mid-Week Links

Well, I saw some interesting stories already, and I might be busy the next couple of days:

Yogi Berra turns 90: Some of his best quotes - LA Times.  Allegedly his quotes.

Big League Chew: An Oral History - Fox Sports

The hour of the NBA goon is nigh - SBNation.  Bill Laimbeer was ahead of his time.

After Protests, Baltimore Hosts Preakness - Washington Post

Rocky Road - Texas Monthly.  Hard times for Blue Bell Creamery.

The Wedding Sting - The Atlantic

The Spider Web Engineer - priceonomics

The Sort-Of-Great Escape - Cincinnati Magazine

Vinyl's Comeback Keeps Record Pressers Busy - Morning Edition.  Like cooperages, a fad resurrects a dying trade.

Twitter Riles Irish Catholics as Companies Favorite Gay Vote - Bloomberg.  Also, see Tully: For Indiana, the damage done by RFRA continues - Indianapolis Star.  It appears that business is also conducting a war on Christians (or bigots).

Lotteries: America's $70 Billion Shame - The Atlantic

Maersk, DSME Reach Agreement in Principle on Container Megaship Order - Wall Street Journal

Crisis Chronicles: The Man on the Twenty-Dollar Bill and the Panic of 1837 - Liberty Street Economics

It's not just California: the whole Southwest is facing a growing water crisis - Vox

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