Saturday, July 25, 2015

End of July Weekend Links

End of July?  Already?  Pretty much.  Anyway, here are a few stories I came across this weekend:

Last Race in Sonoma: Twilight for "Top the Cops" - SBNation

The Three Burials of Tony Ayala Jr. - Texas Monthly

Before Beane - Grantland 

Bill Nye on the Monsanto Eco Disaster: 'We Accidentally Decimated the Monarch Butterfly Population' - AlternetLuckily, the milkweed population seems to be making a comeback locally in roadside ditches and abandoned pastures.

The Mysterious Oxfordshire Sheep Panic of 1888 - EsoterX

Boozy Root Beer Is About To Be Huge - Bloomberg.  Dad had to reserve some at the package store today.  Personally, I'm not too sure about that combination of sugar and alcohol.  Interestingly (at least to me), this brand got bought up by Pabst.

How An 11-Year-Old Boy Invented The Popsicle - The Salt

Meet 'Fried Jesus,' the State Fair Food Genius Who Invented Deep-Fried Butter - Vice

A denim twofer.  Distressed Denim: Levis Tries to Adapt to the Yoga Pants Era - Bloomberg and Forget Shorts, Jeans Made With Jade Help Chinese Beat the Heat - Bloomberg

Oliver Sacks: My Periodic Table - New York Times

The Singular Mind of Terry Tao - New York Times

Cleveland Wants To Make Sure the Next Wright Brothers Come From the Rust Belt - NextCity.  The Rust Belt: home of the first Wright Brothers.

The Vegas Plot - The California Sunday Magazine

How to Charge $1000 for Absolutely Nothing - priceonomics

Road Hazard: How the 'Embarrassing' Gas Tax Impasse Explains Washington - ProPublica

Scott Walker: We might have to take military action on Day One - Washington Post.  Shorter Walker: Vote for me, I'm just as big of a blowhard idiot as Donald Trump, and with better hair.

John Kasich Barges Into The Race - The Atlantic.  As scary as it is, Kasich may be the most sensible candidate in the GOP not named Bush.  God help us all.

America's Craziest Governor Goes Off The Rails - Politico.  Surprisingly, not in the Midwest, the South or the Mountain West.  Perhaps the perfect example of the lunatics elected in off-year elections.

Can Auto Shed Its Tiers? - Labor Notes

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