Saturday, August 15, 2015

County Fair Weekend Links

Yep, summer's almost over.  The fair runs through Thursday, then school starts back up.  Here are a few stories to enjoy if you aren't eating fried foods or watching livestock beauty contests:

Hellbent, But Not Broken - SBNation

The Other Oil Boom - Texas Monthly.  Texas olive oil.

How the Midwest's Corn Farms Are Cooking The Planet - Mother Jones.  The headline is a bit alarmist, but it is always good to hear what folks on the anti-Big Ag side are saying.

A Muscle Drug For Pigs Comes Out of The Shadows - The Salt.  More resistance to Big Ag.

In Defense of the Cockroach - The New Yorker

One of the newest, most viable forms of clean energy could beat all other existing options - Business Insider.  Algae.

The California "Energy Miracle" - Priceonomics

The Lowly Lightbulb Outshines Solar And Wind On U.S. Power Grids - Bloomberg.  But don't take away conservatives' 130-year old lighting technology.

Evil but Stupid - n+1

A DuPont twofer: The Teflon Toxin - The Intercept, and Up in the Tower - Texas Monthly

The Midwest, Home of the Supermodel - The Atlantic

The Kansas Experiment - New York Times Magazine

Republican Presidential Contenders Flock To Iowa State Fair - Wall Street Journal and The Political Circus Is Coming To The Iowa State Fair - Bloomberg.  One reason to avoid the Iowa State Fair.  Another reason: the Iowa State Patrol seems to hang out on I-80 and harass anybody pulling a trailer by busting them for commercial truck violations (I know from experience).

The Geography of Profanity - Pacific Standard (and the source at Jack Grieve's Homepage).  Surprisingly, Western Ohio is a hotspot for the C-word.


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