Saturday, August 22, 2015

End of Church League Weekend Links

Well, last night the scrappy team of papists fell to the thugs of P-Hill to end our quest for a trophy and the greater glory of God, which means that in upcoming weeks I might actually get the links ready to publish on Saturday morning.  While defeat at the hands of the forces of evil takes a little bit of joy out of the week, I did find a few stories for your enjoyment:

Last Breaths in a Spanish Bullring - SBNation

This Is Our Youth: The Olympic-Industrial Complex and Katie Ledecky - Charles Pierce

European Soccer's Poor Little Rich Clubs - Wall Street Journal.  I'd like to see the Big Ten and the MAC promote and demote teams from one conference to the other.  B-G beats Indiana?  The next year, B-G is in the Big Ten while Indiana battles Ball State for conference superiority. That would be fun.

In Search Of A Drought Strategy, California Looks Down Under - The Salt

Eight Reasons Why the Iowa State Fair is The Best - Modern Farmer and Eating Healthy At The Iowa State Fair Means Salad On A Stick - The Salt.  Not for this guy.

When the Great Alpaca Bubble Burst - Priceonomics

Deere Profit Tumbles Amid Glut of Used Farm Equipment at Dealers - Wall Street Journal.  The next few years are going to be pretty rough in rural areas.

A River Runs Yellow - The Atlantic

Will the Pope Change the Vatican? Or Will the Vatican Change the Pope? - National Geographic 

Earth on Track for Back-to-Back  Records for Highest Temperatures - Bloomberg

What We Don't Know About Canada Might Hurt Us - FiveThirtyEight.  About the damage caused by conservatives' disdain for government statistics-gathering.  A major pet peeve of mine.

21 Questions for Donald Trump - National Memo.  About a month old, but gaining attention.

Donald Trump Just Stopped Being Funny - Matt Taibbi.  Reminiscent of the late days of Campaign 2008.  The ugliness of dumb, white America (or 'Merica) is never far below the surface.

Presidential Sensation Deez Nuts Is a 15-Year-Old Iowa Farm Boy - The Daily Beast

Are You an Angry Voter? Take a Deep Breath - Bloomberg View

Where the population of Europe is growing - and where it is declining - Berliner Morgenpost

This is the most common job held by immigrants in each state - Vox

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