Saturday, August 29, 2015

Start of High School Football Weekend Links

Last night was a nice night for a ball game, and provides me with an excuse for another late delivery of interesting stories for the weekend:

I Will Fly to the Ball - SBNation

The Website MLB Couldn't Buy - Grantland

Usain Bolt, a Collapse, and an Epic Beer Mile - The New Yorker.  Reading this made me feel like much less of a nerd.  I have to say, though, a 4:55 beer mile (drink a beer, run a lap, drink a beer, run a lap, drink a beer, run a lap, drink a beer, run a lap) is amazing.

Beyond the Breach - ESPN the Magazine

The Sharing Economy Comes to the Farm - Bloomberg

Hooray: The Old Farmer's Almanac Predicts a Harsh Upcoming Winter - Modern Farmer.  Three in a row with a potentially massive El Nino?  I'm betting against the almanac.

Corn Wars - The New Republic.  On Chinese spies stealing parent varieties for corn hybrid development.  I thought I already listed this story, but I can't seem to find it.

Scourge No More: Chefs Invite Corn Fungus To The Plate - The Salt.  Corn smut is so gross.  However, I could probably eat it deep fried.

'Craft' Bourbon Is in the Eye of the Distiller - Wall Street Journal

The Cheese Board Collective - Priceonomics

Born to Run, and the Decline of the American Dream - The Atlantic

"Cowboy Doctors" and Health Costs - Harvard Magazine

Twelve years on, remembering the bomb that started the Middle East's sectarian war - Quartz

Class Dismissed: It's Not Homeschooling, It's Unschooling - Cincinnati Magazine.  Sounds like idiot parents to me.

The heroin epidemic's toll: One county, 70 minutes, 8 overdoses - Washington Post, but see The 3 deadliest drugs in America are totally legal - Vox.  For me, it is just depressing to see heroin sweep over the economically abandoned regions of the Rust Belt, but I guess one should expect that after it swept over the economically abandoned regions of America's inner cities.  Another example of how black lives haven't mattered as much as white ones when it comes to news coverage.

Retrotopia: Dawn Train from Pittsburgh - The Archdruid Report.  A hopeful strain of dystopian future storywriting?  I'm looking forward to future posts.

 Scott Walker, Crony Capitalist - Politico.  For a dude with no personality, I really hate that fucker.

Big Sugar Fights to Protect a Sweet Deal With U.S. Lawmakers - Bloomberg

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