Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Night Off

After nine days of work, the rain held up harvest.  I guess I'll try to catch up on the weekend's work with a few stories you can check out:

The Reckoning: Football, Love, and Remembering Paul Oliver - SBNation

The Last Years of Ernie Banks - Chicago Magazine

This Pest Has Shut Down South Florida's $700 Million Fruit Industry - The Salt

Farmers Flooded From Homes 'Like Pests' as Asia Plans 500 Dams - Bloomberg

Investors are Mining for Water, the Next Hot Commodity - New York Times

One Company Is Making A Killing on Brazil's Sinking Real - Bloomberg.  Meat-packing king JBS.

How A Little Lab In West Virginia Caught Volkswagen's Big Cheat - NPR

The Art of Handling a PR Implosion - Priceonomics

On Eve of Pope Francis's Visit, U.S. Catholic Church Grapples With Growth and Decline - Wall Street Journal

America's Most Admired Lawbreaker - Huffington Post

How the DMCA may have let carmakers cheat clean air standards - ComputerWorld

The West is on fire - and the U.S. taxpayer is subsidizing it - The Conversation

Oh Canada! Four in Ten Americans Want Wall on Northern Border - Bloomberg.  Damn, there are a shit-ton of stupid people out there.

The Hard-Line Republicans Who Pushed John Boehner Out - FiveThirtyEight.  Speaking of stupid people, here's a long list.  Of course Jim Jordan and Tim Huelskamp make that list.

The Fight for the Soul of the Republican Party - Bloomberg.  What soul? Good thing idiots wasn't a category in this poll:

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