Saturday, October 10, 2015

Mid-Harvest Weekend Links

Well, the beans are harvested, we're putting a dent into the corn, the Republican party is losing its collective mind, and this big old world keeps on spinning.  Here are a few interesting stories to check out:

Two Words: Not Sportswriting - SBNation

Why Comedians Love the Mets - Wall Street Journal

Qatar's Wealth Fund Said Interested in Glencore Agriculture Sale - Bloomberg

Could A Mushroom Save The Honeybee? - The Salt

How Agriculture Controls Nutrition Guidelines - The Atlantic.  How did they not use Big Ag?  Who's writing this shit?

The Great Pumpkin Shortage: They Are Available for Halloween - But Maybe Not Thanksgiving - NBC News

Rudy's Testicle Festival: A Nutty Syracuse tradition for more than 20 years -  Bull balls aren't bad.  Never had the others.

It's Time to Come Clean With Iowans About the Problems With Ethanol - Pacific Standard.  Of course, what about modern life is sustainable?

The Last Blast Furnace in England's Capital of Steel - Bloomberg.  Built in 1979?  That is surprising.

Jeremy England: The Man Who May One-Up Darwin - Ozy

The biggest mystery in mathematics: Shinichi Mochizuki and the impenetrable proof - Nature

The Great Surrender - GOOD

Reefer Madness - Cincinnati Magazine.  I think the marijuana legalization referendum is as screwed up, if not more screwed up than the gambling referendum that passed in 2009.  In spite of that, the fact that the state legislature prefers to ignore issues as opposed to being proactive, encourages such crappy proposals.

The Party's Over - Politico.  But the clown show isn't.

Grass-Roots Anger Transforms Republican Party in Congress and Presidential Campaign - Wall Street Journal.  The combination of racism, hate, nihilism and impotent rage are not attractive characteristics of the rural Republican base.

The Return of the Middle American Radical - National Journal.  An interesting piece touching on the group mentioned above.

Bernanke: I'm not really a Republican anymore - Quartz.  Neither am I, Ben.

Most Americans Get 'Free Stuff' From The Government - FiveThirtyEight

What Infographics Looked Like Before Computers - Wired



  1. Here's another one for you. Ah, Texas.

  2. I think it also might be a crime to be intelligent in Texas

  3. Well, that wouldn't add much to the crime rate (rim-shot).

    Somebody told me to go to hell, I said I've already been to Texas (ba-da boomp).

    Yeah, I've got nothing more. Those guys just make me shake my head.