Saturday, November 14, 2015

Mid-November Weekend Links

Well, I was a little lazy last weekend, and then I lost a number of the stories that I had tracked down and hadn't bothered typing in.  Here are a few which caught my eye, and I swear sometime I'll get off of my ass and post a few actually original posts (though not right now):

Can the Bison Still Come Back? - SB Nation

Rounding Up The Last Of A Deadly Cattle Virus - The Salt

US farmland prices stabilize - but 'further declines ahead' - Agrimoney.  I agree.

The Hunt for the Tinmouth Apple - Boston Magazine

Howard Buffett Is Getting His Hands Dirty - Bloomberg

How The Old Farmer's Almanac Previewed the Internet Age - The Atlantic

500 Years of Virgin Mary Sightings in One Map - National Geographic

How Apple is Giving Design a Bad Name - Fast Company.  I am not a member of the Apple cult.

The Discovery of Statistical Regression - Priceonomics.  Gauss sounds like something of a jerk.

The Asteroid Hunters - Popular Science

It's Not Just the Drug War - Jacobin

How the Kochs launched Joni Ernst - Politico

What George H. W. Bush Got Wrong - The New Yorker

13 maps about America worth bringing up at dinner parties and/or first dates - Vox

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