Saturday, January 23, 2016

Conference Championship Weekend Links

Who will win the Cheater Bowl in Denver?  If you don't really care, here are some stories for your enjoyment:

The Great Wight Hope - SB Nation.  This one is really crazy.

Bill Johnson, U.S. Olympic Champion, Dies at 55 - New York Times.  When I was almost 10, I wanted to be Bill Johnson.

The Tennis Racket - Buzzfeed

In California, A Treasure Hunt For Gold Rush-Era Fruit and Nut Trees - The Salt

U.S. farmland, ag machinery market declines extend into 2016 - Agrimoney.  Um, no shit?

Ernst vows to fight Obama 'waters of U.S.' rule - Des Moines Register.  Farmers have no idea what they are talking about.

To Fight Growing Threat From Germs, Scientists Try Old-Fashioned Killer - Wall Street Journal

The Contempt That Poisoned Flint's Water - The New Yorker

The Death of the Midwestern Church - Pacific Standard.  Just another death in the midwest.

The Rebel Virgins and Desert Mothers Who Have Been Written Out of Christian History - Atlas Obscura

How Voltaire Made a Fortune Rigging the Lottery - Today I Found Out

Can an Algorithm Eliminate the Unfairness of Gerrymandering? - Priceonomics

How an obscure adviser to Pat Buchanan predicted the wild Trump campaign in 1996 - The Week.  Very interesting, but I predicted the Republican party would be a clown show back in 2006, and I'm a bigger nobody than this white supremacist dude.

What Kind of Man Spends Millions To Elect Ted Cruz? - Bloomberg.  I would say an idiot or an asshole.  This guy definitely seems like the latter.

How the Epidemic of Drug Overdose Deaths Ripples Across America - New York Times

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