Sunday, February 21, 2016

Second Weekend of Lent Reads

Beautiful weather to start the weekend, and here are some good stories to make it better:

The Sweetest Stroke of All - Wall Street Journal

Keeping Up With The Country's Youngest Female Monster-Truck Driver - The New Yorker

Oh, Nuts! U.S. Pistachio Growers Worry About Competition From Iran - The Salt

Obama's New Budget: Bad For Farmers? - Modern Farmer.  It amazes me that farmers think they alone deserve government handouts.  Well, maybe them and veterans.

6 Things I Would Ask the Presidential Candidates About Food and Farming - Mother Jones

Evidence Mounts for Interbreeding Bonanza in Ancient Human Species - Scientific American

The Man in the White Hat - Texas Monthly.  On the guy who found Antonin Scalia dead. Also, Sometimes, Scalia Surprised the Living Sh*t Out of Me - Charles Pierce

Financial turmoil half a world away is melting Minnesota's iron country - Washington Post.  Expect similar stories on midwestern agriculture in the next couple of years.

Who Invented Stealth? Court Revives 1996 Suit Against Pentagon - Bloomberg.  If my grandfather were alive, he could probably shed light on this case.

A Country Breaking Down - NY Review of Books and The Long and Crumbling Road - The New Republic.  Due to sprawl, we probably have too much infrastructure to maintain, and we keep building more.  We have infrastructure requiring urban density trying to serve less dense suburbs and rural towns, and urban infrastructure rotting away in depopulated areas.

Three Days Behind the Counter at a Vegas Gun Shop - Bloomberg.  The owner knows irrational fear sells guns.  Approximately 20:1 handgun to long gun sales ratio.

At least 14 Supreme Court justices have been confirmed during election years - Vox.  Science, economics, history.  Why would you expect Republicans to deal in a fact-based way on this?

Trump speaks for those Bush betrayed - USA Today, and Trump: Fishtown's Champion Against Belmont - Rod Dreher

How a Basket on Wheels Revolutionized Grocery Shopping  - Priceonomics

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