Saturday, February 6, 2016

Super Bowl Weekend Links

I hear there's a game tomorrow, but since it doesn't start until late, you'll have time to read some of these stories:

Higher and Higher - SB Nation

Farm Subsidies Persist and Grow, Despite Talk of Reform - The Salt

What Happens To Farmers' Interests After Everybody Packs Up and Leaves Iowa? - Charles Pierce

Cover Crops, a Farming Revolution With Deep Roots in the Past - New York Times (h/t the Nurse)

U.S. Security Concerns Could Stand in the Way of ChemChina's Syngenta Bid - Bloomberg.  It would seem like something of an overstep for the U.S. to tell a Swiss company it can't be bought by a Chinese company.

Ground Shifts Under Wheat Export Market - Wall Street Journal

Changes ahead in 2016, Cupich tells priests - Chicago Sun-Times.  Fewer priests and fewer parishioners means fewer parishes, in Chicago and other northern dioceses.

One of Africa's Biggest Dams Is Falling Apart - The New Yorker

Stealing White: How a corporate spy swiped plans for DuPont's billion dollar color formula - Bloomberg

The Unique Language of Newfoundland - Hakai Magazine

Hoosier Hall of Fame: Hoosier Innovations - Indianapolis Monthly.  Yes, I hate Indiana, but there are a few interesting things on this list.  I didn't know Chuck Taylor was from Hoosierland.

What Went Wrong in Flint - FiveThirtyEight

The rise of the Sagebrush Sheriffs - High Country News

The West Is Traveling the Road to Economic Ruin - Paul Craig Roberts

To Tell The Truth - Texas Monthly

Gerry Adams's Baffling Book of Tweets - The New Yorker

White America's Broken Heart - New York Times

Should You Literally Pick The Low-Hanging Fruit? - Priceonomics,  This is a favorite term in ITW 80/20.  That and, "screw the little guy."

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