Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter Weekend Links

Here are a few stories to read over your Easter weekend, or if you are lucky enough, spring break:

You won't believe how Nike lost Steph to Under Armour - ESPN

Louisville Is A Grumpy Host as It's Team Sits One Out - New York Times

Low-Budget Leicester's Title Run Nets Fortune for Thai Owner - Bloomberg

With Bees In Trouble, Almond Farmers Try Trees That Don't Need 'Em - The Salt

Ag groups pick up tab for water quality lawsuit defense - Des Moines Register. Farmers have been working hard to make sure we have to be regulated.  I just went to my fertilizer certification class which was required because of the Grand Lake St. Mary's and Lake Erie blue-green algae disasters.  This Iowa case is directly connected to those.

Ash dieback and beetle attach likely to 'wipe out' ash trees in UK, Europe - the Guardian.  Sadly, they are almost gone locally.

The Food Industrial Complex - Priceonomics

My Favorite Part of Easter? Satan and the Harrowing of Hell - Pacific Standard.  I remember reading a book in my Intro to Theology class which delved into this little branch of Christian thought.  It sought to explain the most inexplicable part of the Christian salvation story, why did Jesus have to come to Earth and die for our sins?

The World's Most Urgent Science Project - The Atlantic

The Secrets of the Wave Pilots - New York Times Magazine

What Engineers Can Learn From the Design of the Penis - The Atlantic

Out Here, No One Can Hear You Scream - Huffington Post

Where Did ISIS Come From?  The Story Starts Here - Boston Globe

Forget Trump: Here's Who's Really Destroying the Republican Party - Fiscal Times.  Jim Jordan and the other Freedom Caucus nuts.  As the article mentions, my future congressman is going to join these clowns.

A Most Hated Man - The New Republic.  I don't really want to hate Ted Cruz as much as I do, but I think that as the much smarter champion of the Freedom Caucus, he is extremely dangerous.

A Bright Spot for Ted Cruz: State Capitals - Wall Street Journal.  See above two articles.  Most state legislatures are run by loons just like Jim Jordan.  For more evidence of this, look at the North Carolina transgender bathroom freakout this week.

Why Voters Will Stay Angry - Bloomberg

Here's the Stunning Amount of Money Top Wall Street C.E.O.s Made in 2015 - Vanity Fair

Sustainability: Transfer cannot meet China's needs - Nature


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