Sunday, March 6, 2016

Second Fish Fry Weekend Links

I fried up 110 pounds of fish this Friday.  The presidential race keeps getting weirder.  Here are some interesting stories for your enjoyment this weekend:

Welcome to the World Pond Hockey Championships, the tournament you aren’t supposed to win - VICE Sports

The Sioux Nickname Is Gone, but North Dakota Hockey Fans Haven't Move On - New York Times

Noah Syndergaard and the Very Confident New York Mets - The New Yorker.  I'd prefer the Mets to the Cubs.

Xavier basketball is no longer an underdog - SB Nation.  While I love to see Xavier doing so well, losing the underdog status just changes things a little.

With Economy Stuck In The Mud, Farmers Sink Deeper Into Debt - The Salt

God, Wall Street And the New Push to Save U.S. Catholic Schools - Bloomberg.  Save or sell out?

Ask the Aged - Aeon

What Will Become of Levittown, Pennsylvania? - CityLab

Death and Despair in China's Rustbelt - Bloomberg

Inside 'the most toxic city in America' where the earth is poisoned by lead and zinc - Business Insider.  The region that gave us Mickey Mantle.

Dead End - Indianapolis Monthly.  I am a firm believer in science and math, but I must admit that several cancer cases amongst people you know make it very hard to believe that it is just a fluke.

The Bidding War - The New Yorker

Who is behind one of the biggest scams in history? - CNN Money.  Part 1 of 5.

Battered by drop in oil prices and Jindal's fiscal policies, Louisiana falls into budget crisis - Wonkblog

This Stunning 3D Map Shows U.S. Economic Contribution by City - Visual Capitalist, via Ritholtz

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