Sunday, March 13, 2016

Selection Sunday Weekend Links

It was a busy Friday night and Saturday morning frying fish and cooking eggs.  My cooking for large groups of people is over for a year or so.  Here are some interesting stories to check out in the lead-up to primaries on Tuesday:

The Nuns Who Love Chris Mullen - The New Yorker

The Great Cow Con - California Sunday Magazine

The great land rush. Ethiopia: the billionaire's farm - Financial Times

How sliced meat drove human evolution - Science

How In Trouble Are Bluefin Tuna Really? Controversial Study Makes Waves - The Salt

Don't let the rally fool you: Commodity companies are headed for a massive debt cliff - Financial Post

Are the Constants of Physics Constant? - Scientific American

The architect of the Reich - The New Criterion

How the World's Most Beautiful Typeface Was Almost Lost Forever - Buzzfeed 

Remote Utah Enclave Becomes New Battleground Over Reach of U.S. Control - New York Times

The Great Let's-Totally-F*uck-Up-Kansas-Experiment Is Nearly Complete - Charles Pierce

The Geography of Trumpism - The Upshot

Make America White Again? - The Atlantic

Ohio's 'dirty little secret': blue-collar Democrats for Trump - Reuters

In Ohio, John Boehner's GOP Legacy Crumbles With the Rise of Donald Trump - Wall Street Journal.  That would be us.  It is amazing how many people around here think John Boehner is a liberal devil. And many of those same people may vote for Donald Trump.  It makes my head hurt.

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