Saturday, April 2, 2016

Final Four / Opening Day Weekend Links

It's time for a sporting change of seasons.  Here are some entertaining stories for your enjoyment:

Fight - New York Times.  A tragic story about a slowly-dying sport in a slowly-dying region.

Adrien Broner Is A Dick - Deadspin.  More from the slowly-dying sport.

A Modest Proposal For Replacing the USMNT With The Women's National Team - VICE Sports

Survey: Iowa farmland values decline nearly 9% - Des Moines Register.  Expect much more to come.

New Study Finds "Ag Gag" Laws Erode Trust In Farmers - Modern Farmer.  Um, no shit?

Pabst New Owner Digs Into Old Recipes as It Looks to the Future - New York Times.  I've always loved me some downscale beer brands.

Hitler Couldn't Defeat Chrurchill, But Champagne Almost Did - The Salt. "The taxman may have proved intractable, but others were more amenable. Rich friends bailed him out, and at one point, the government settled his liquor bills"

The heroes hidden in the archive - Irish Independent.  Very good piece on the Easter Rising.

Mother Angelica, EWTN Founder, had roots and early fame in Northeast Ohio - Cleveland Plain Dealer (h/t the nurse).  I didn't know she sold fishing lures back in the day.

Can an Outsider Ever Truly Become Amish? - Atlas Obscura

How New York Gets Its Water - New York Times.  Delivered entirely by gravity.  Wow.
Is India facing its worst ever water crisis? - BBC

Why didn't Flint treat its water? An answer, at last - Detroit Free Press.  No surprise there.  I didn't understand why a city would even have a treatment plant when it was buying treated water.  This makes the decision to switch to the Flint River all the more criminal.

Has BART's cutting-edge 1972 technology design come back to haunt it? - San Jose Mercury-News
Pain in the Permian - Petroleum Economist and The big bust in the oil fields - Washington Post

The Downside of Durham's Rebirth - The Atlantic

 Unaoil: The Company That Bribed the World - Fairfax Media / Huffington Post

Public and Private Sector Payroll Jobs: Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama - Calculated Risk.  I'd love for somebody who thinks Obama has increased government jobs and hurt the private sector economy compared to Bush to explain these numbers.

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