Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Planting Lull Links

Yeah, I should have posted these over the weekend, but I was feeling lazy.  Here are a few good stories I came across:

The Rise and Fall of Ultimate Fighter Conor McGregor - The Atlantic

GMOs Are Safe, But Don't Always Deliver On Promises, Scientists Say - The Salt.  That's because making money off of lazy farmers is much more of a motivator than actually helping humanity.  See Roundup Ready soybeans.

Why Did the FSA Damage These Incredible Depression-Era Photos? - Slate

Inside the Country's Most Controversial Company - Mother Jones.  Tom Philpott inside the belly of the beast, Monsanto.

Quality Farms to establish firstSoutheast presence in Marion County - South Carolina Department of Commerce.  Old, but what a weird and interesting business.  The mention was in this story about a beer distributorship in Indianapolis.

How Bad Biology is Killing the Economy - Evonomics

How Typography Can Save Your Life - ProPublica

America's Shrinking Middle Class: A Close Look at Changes Within Metropolitan Areas - Pew Research Center

How Do You Put Out A Subterranean Fire Beneath a Mountain of Trash? - FiveThirtyEight.  A friend's dad was a landfill fire extinguishing expert, but I think that was the near surface fires.

From belief to outrage: The decline of the middle class reaches the next American town - Washington Post

Unnecessariat - More Crows Than Eagles

Portland gave its minimum wage workers a raise.  Here's what happened next - Christian Science Monitor

Austin, Indiana: the HIV Capital of small-town America - Mosaic

Burying the White Working Class - Jacobin

The alt-right's demographic nightmare - Scott Sumner.  Kind of funny, but my idea of a dystopian future IS the United States being like Texas.  Not because of the Hispanics, mind you.

Editorial: Lessons from West explosion, forgotten so soon - Dallas Morning News.  Honestly, I think urea would work just fine.

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