Sunday, August 7, 2016

Rio Opening Weekend Links

Here are a few stories for your enjoyment:

41-year-old Oksana Chusovitina may be the most incredible athlete at the Olympics- ESPN

Why Big Pharma Wants to Switch Billions of Farm Animals to Vaccines From Antibiotics- Bloomberg.  Ag has to change its antibiotic use.

Why Do Milk Prices Spike And Crash? Because It's Like Oil - The Salt

Hop Growers Cheer Craft Brewers For Saving An Ailing Industry - The Salt

The Huelskamp Mistake - Wall Street Journal.  I disagree with the premise.  I think it is more that most voters hate other peoples' government programs, but really like their own.  Huelskamp was against the Farm Bill and the Export-Import Bank.  That doesn't sit well with farmers and the aircraft industry in Wichita. All the free market bullshit in this article is just that.

Meet the New Owner of the Playboy Mansion - New York Times.  I only highlighted this because these guys used to own PBR.

Climate Change is Hell on Alaska's Formerly Frozen Highways - Bloomberg

Former cleanup workers blame illnesses on toxic coal ash exposures - Center for Public Integrity

The Coolest Shipyard in America - Politico

Calling the U.S. Navy’s Littoral Combat a ‘Frigate’ Doesn’t Make It Any Less Crappy - War is Boring

How Did GOP Presidential Nominations Decline From a World War II General to a Narcissistic TV Celebrity?- Andrew Bacevich.  Bacevich is one of my favorite political commentators.

The Executive Mr. Trump - Politico

Party of Rage - New York Review of Books

What do Donald Trump voters really crave? Respect - The Guardian

Ichiro Has 2,998 Hits - And A Few Even Left the Infield - Wall Street Journal.  I remember getting pissed at a bartender in Davenport, Iowa who was celebrating Mickey Mantle's quote about Pete Rose, "if I hit that many singles, I'd wear a dress."

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