Sunday, January 1, 2017

Start of 2017 Links

Here are some stories to start the year out on:

Jack Johnson, still unforgivable? - The Undefeated

Big Battles Over Farm And Food Policies May Be Brewing As Trump Era Begins - The Salt

Where the Beers Are:A Regional Guide to U.S. Craft Beers - Wall Street Journal

Rogue One: an 'Engineering Ethics' Story - SciFi Policy and Architects and Engineers Shove a Light Saber Through the Death Star's Bad Design - Wired, along with a speculation on real-life ethics and scientific research, The Private Heisenberg and the Absent Bomb - New York Review of Books
A Bigger Problem Than ISIS? - The New Yorker. On the potentially imminent failure of the Mosul Dam.

The Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion and the O-Ring - Priceonomics

Meet Henry Orenstein, The Man Who Changed How The World Plays - Newsweek (h/t my former boss).  Unbelievable life story.

Fuck Work - Aeon

Holy Wars - Boston Review

The Ad That Moved People the Most: Bernie Sanders's 'America' - The Upshot

What History Has to Say About the Economy Trump Will Inherit - Bloomberg

America's electoral college and the popular vote - The Economist.

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