Sunday, February 5, 2017

Which Girl Scout Cookies Are You Getting?

The LA Times fills you in:

When you bite into a Thin Mint, you probably aren't wondering where it comes from. (The Girl Scouts, of course.) But wait, there are two bakers. And they make two very different Thin Mints: One is crunchier, more minty. The other is richer with a smooth chocolate coating.
Where you buy determines which ones you get. Orange County gets the crunchier Thin Mints, while Los Angeles gets the smoother ones. Dallas gets Samoas, but Fort Worth gets Caramel deLites. Most of Florida eats Tagalongs, but Orlando gets Peanut Butter Patties.
The new S'mores cookies are also different between bakers. One's covered in chocolate; the other sandwiches fudge and frosting between two cookies.
I'm getting the Thin Mints with the smooth chocolate coating.

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