Monday, March 26, 2018

More March Links

A few stories that caught my eye over the weekend and the first day of work this week:

For Cincinnati Reds star Joey Votto, spring is about the process, not the batting average - Cincinnati Enquirer

To Save Whales, Maine's Iconic Lobster Industry May Have To Change - The Salt

How Syngenta won the war over weedkillers - Politico

China needs more water. So it's building a rain-making network three times the size of Spain – South China Morning Post.  You have to click through just for the pictures, and the description of the "rocket technology" in use.  Looks crazier than hell to me.

Elon Musk Is the Henry Ford of His Age. That's Bad. – Bloomberg

Rural hospital shutdowns force communities to take care of their own – CNBC

Can the Most Hated Man in West Virginia Win? – Politico.  This dude is too ridiculous to be a cartoon villain.  Why do Republican voters flock to the biggest pieces of shit and believe every ridiculous lie they tell?

The Battle For Paradise – The Intercept.  Rich assholes versus Puerto Ricans.

Land of the Lawless - Lapham's Quarterly

In California's rural, conservative north, there are big dreams for cleaving the state – LA Times.  If rural voters are for it, it is probably a very bad idea.

How Trump's Protectionism Could Backfire - New York Times.  Great maps.

Retirees Reshape Where Americans Live – Wall Street Journal.  I don't really care about the retiree angle.  I just wanted to show the map of where rural areas are declining in population.  Downstate Illinois looks awful.

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