Wednesday, April 4, 2018

4/4 Mainly Ag Links

I've had some time at work to find links, so I've got some more today:

GMO Yeast Mimics Flavors Of Hops, But Will Craft Brewers Bite? – The Salt 

A Novel Virus Killed 24,000 Piglets In China. Where Did It Come From? – Goats and Soda 

Lawsuit Targeting Smelly Hog Feces Pits in North Carolina Moving ForwardModern Farmer  

When the Death of a Family Farm Leads to Suicide – NYT

What this Silicon Valley VC learned on the ‘Rust Belt Safari’ – Recode

Scott Walker Dismayed That Wisconsin Apparently Smarter Despite Cuts in Education – Borowitz Report.  A little humor for you.

The Whitewashing of King’s Assassination - The Atlantic  

The Dynamite Cruiser Was Nearly as Dangerous to Her Crew as She Was to the Enemy – War Is Boring 

Turning Poultry Poop and Scrap Wood Into Electricity - Bloomberg

Trump and His Tariffs - Counterpunch 

Trump Tariffs Stick It to U.S. Manufacturers  - Bloomberg and Midwest Farmers Have Trump to Thank for Their Latest Export Woes – Bloomberg.  I'm getting the feeling that Bloomberg thinks the tariffs are stupid policy. 

Locations of U.S. Elevators

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