Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Not-Quite-Time-To-Plant Links

This weather is pretty frustrating, but eventually we will be hitting the fields.  Until them, here are some things to read:

What Hurricane Maria Didn’t Wreck: Puerto Rican Baseball – New York Times

In North Carolina, Hog Waste Is Becoming A Streamlined Fuel Source – The Salt

Scientists Want to Replace Pesticides With Bacteria – Bloomberg 

The Megafire Burning in Oklahoma - The Atlantic 

Climate Boundary Shifting East Due to Global Warming – Drovers Magazine (h/t the old boss)

Climate change: A farmer’s call to action - Indiana Prairie Farmer

Why New York City Stopped Building Subways – City Lab

San Francisco’s Big Seismic Gamble – New York Times

The Quest for the Next Billion-Dollar Color – Bloomberg. A much more interesting article on pigments than you would expect. 

Decades-Old Graph Problem Yields to Amateur Mathematician - Quanta

Tensions grow between conservation, commerce in Ohio’s state forests – Columbus Dispatch

The Warrior at the Mall - New York Times (h/t Kaye)

Ryan Zinke’s Great American Fire SaleThe New Yorker.  The only guy in Trump's cabinet who can give Scott Pruitt a run for his money as chief asshole.              

Everyone Wants To Go Home During Extra Innings — Maybe Even The Umps - FiveThirtyEight 

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