Friday, February 22, 2013

The Baseball Jackpot

Jonah Keri:

Major League Baseball, which has hoarded its old archives and clips like Scrooge Freaking McDuck, suddenly released a treasure trove of amazing old highlights. You can find the main archive here. Some of my favorites: Jheri-curled, young Pedro Martinez hitting Reggie Sanders with a pitch, causing Sanders to charge the mound. In related news, Pedro was working on a perfect game at the time and clearly had zero intention of hitting anybody. Hate you, Reggie Sanders.
I remember that game.  I was in college, and I spent the evening walking around campus with a walkman, barely able to pull in Marty and Joe broadcasting the game.  I hated Pedro for that for a long time.  I'll have to think about what some of my favorite highlights have been, and see if they are available.  One would probably be Bo Jackson throwing out Harold Reynolds from the warning track when Reynolds was rounding third as Bo threw the ball.  It is around the 1:30 mark of this video.  Also, Mel Allen:

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