Thursday, February 28, 2013

Why I Love Wisconsin

Guido, the Racing Italian Sausage, is on his way home to the Milwaukee Brewers.
Missing for nearly two weeks, the 7-foot sausage costume was dropped off at TJ Ryan's bar in Cedarburg, Wis. on Wednesday night by two men — "one wearing a hoodie pulled tight over his face," reports the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, the paper of record on this case:
[They] lugged the larger-than-life link into the bar just before 8 p.m. Wednesday, plopped him on a bar stool and warned staff, "You did not see anything," said bartender Jen Mohney.
"Like I didn't just see two guys plop a sausage on a bar stool," Mohney said.
Mohney said the two left in less than a minute and she immediately called police.
Hey, beertender: "You did not see anything" is a figure of speech!
Anyway, on Wednesday, The Stew reported that Guido, one of the Brewers' mascots and member of a troupe of five Racing Sausages, was taken from a store room inside a Wisconsin curling club Feb. 16. After a night of barhopping and picture-taking with local residents, the costume went missing.

A reward was issued by a local mustard company for Guido, estimated to be worth $3,000. It does not appear whoever returned the costume wants the reward, possibly because a police investigation continues.
I love several things about this:

1.  Stolen from the curling club.  What is it doing there?  I can just see some curlers putting away their stones and saying, "Holy shit, check this out."

2.  Obviously, the idea of going out drinking in the costume and taking pictures with people.

3.  Treating a bar as some kind of sanctuary where you show up and return the thing.  

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