Thursday, March 21, 2013

NCAA Bracket

For the edification of folks who want to feel better about their own NCAA tournament selections, I give you my picks:

Midwest bracket
First round (what NCAA calls second round): Louisville, Colorado State, Oklahoma State, St. Louis, St. Mary's, Michigan State, Creighton, Duke
Second round: Louisville, St. Louis, Michigan State, Duke
Regional semis: Louisville, Michigan State
Regional winner: Michigan State

West bracket
First round:  Gonzaga, Wichita State, Wisconsin, LaSalle, Belmont, New Mexico, Notre Dame, Ohio State
Second round: Gonzaga, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Notre Dame
Regional semis: Gonzaga, New Mexico
Regional winner: Gonzaga

South bracket
First round: Kansas, Villanova, Virginia Commonwealth, Michigan, UCLA, Florida, San Diego State, Georgetown
Second round: Villanova, Michigan, Florida, Georgetown
Regional semis: Michigan, Georgetown
Regional winner: Georgetown

East bracket
First round: Indiana, Temple, UNLV, Syracuse, Butler, Marquette, Illinois, Miami
Second round: Temple, Syracuse, Marquette, Miami
Regional semis: Syracuse, Miami
Regional winner: Miami

Final game matchup: Georgetown and Gonzaga, with Gonzaga prevailing.

I made these picks this morning, and considering the performance Gonzaga put in against Southern, my bracket will be torpedoed rather quickly.

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