Friday, March 22, 2013

The Near Republican Coup?

Charles Pierce is a national treasure.  Here he is describing the situation where Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich considered forming a "unity ticket" to defeat Mitt Romney:
Really, now. A guy who thinks he speaks God's will on earth and a guy who thinks He's the one giving dictation? What could possibly go wrong there?
At the heart of the Gingrich-Santorum breakdown was a battle over who would be the eventual presidential candidate.
No kidding. Who'd a thunk that?
Based on what Gingrich told Businessweek, it appeared to be a deal-breaking factor. "In the end, it was just too hard to negotiate," Gingrich said. By March, Santorum's camp was voicing scenarios for Gingrich to drop out. "If he finishes third in all the Southern states except Georgia, the path is for him to move aside and let us have a one-on-one shot with Romney," Brabender told HuffPost on Super Tuesday. "That's the path."
Yes, it is difficult to build a national ticket when both prospective members are delusional enough to believe they should be president, despite the fact that one of them is a god-bothering nuisance who'd lost his last Senate race to an ice-sculpture by 15 points, and the other guy is on what appears to be an extended vanity exercise cum home-shopping enterprise.
I cannot imagine any possible world which may theoretically exist in the realm of quantum physics and string theroy where those two megalomaniacal douchebags could have done better than ol' Willard.  These were two of the most repulsive people I have ever seen in public, and the fact that a sizable percentage of the American population would vote for either of them is a sign that we are well on our way to oblivion.

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